New notebook cover with printing I made/新做的筆記本封面

the new notebook cover I made
新的筆記本封面 : )

The one on the left is the printing I did last Sunday in the printing workshop in Meddelburg,
and the right one I cut it from a brochure I got from a furniture fair in Kortrijk,Belguim last year. (http://www.interieur.be/)
Harumi and I were there because Tom Dixon made a speech there and it was an awesome/huge exhibition.
I chose that because food is our basic need everyday and "thinking" is also what we need, 
in accordance with the printing I created last Sunday- Food for thought, 
as the notebook/sketch book is always the place where I document all the idea/concepts
and keep record of interesting findings in daily life.

我挑了一張當作筆記本封面 剩下的想要剪成一張一張 弄成像畫一樣
[還在很努力的想它有什麼其他的用途 因為難得可以做出這麼長的印刷品]
[如果你有什麼新的想法 歡迎隨時在下面留言分享 或是到facebook的頁面留言]

當天來回比利時 衝著Tom Dixon的演講! 好棒!
整個展覽也好棒好大!! Kortrijk雙年展(http://www.interieur.be/)
 為了呼應左邊的food for thought  
思考也是 而筆記本就是用來記錄自己思考過後的一些想法及點子
 image credit and product belongs to dudelgopp 
[but i think the product is originally from Korea]
I bought them from Sunday Market in Amsterdam in the beginning of October.
(btw, the next market will be held in Westergasfabriek on 13th of November.)
 it's a really nice creative/art/lifestyle market, highly recommended!!!
I bought the squared one and the beehive pattern one(image below)
the image above is the original pattern of the notepad
 十月初的時候在阿姆斯特丹的Sunday Market買的筆記紙
在一個叫做dudeldopp的攤位 有賣許多進口文具 像是法國的 韓國的
我買的應該是韓國paper ways出的

 the pattern of the notebook
I separated them into half & half so that I can try both pattern in one notebook.
and then I brought the notebooks to the stores for metal binding.

所以每本筆記本裡面會有一半是格子 一半是蜂窩狀
就可以用到一半的時候 換種心情 換種習慣
(一條金屬環要價1.7-1.8歐 可用店內機器打動環裝 一切自己來!)

so here you can see the final result of the metal binding
i prefer metal ones than plastic ones 
and i love creating the cover of the notebook by myself 
and sort of customize the notebook in the way i like.

next time, you can try yours : )

燈燈!最後結果 雖然也不是什麼新設計
因為在市面上要找到自己喜歡 然後又不貴的筆記本


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