these are the stamps that I made with eraser
they are buttons,
i like buttons 'cuz i think even if it is just a small object in our daily life,
it plays an important role and we can not live without it!
read more about the button stamp
stamp-with "HOME" pattern on it :)

Gift tag made with stamps which I submitted for The Create Place

Home with hear, was very homesick the time i made this stamp,
but meanwhile know how much love i've got!

i like Muffin, especially the one in the open market in Delft.

the stamp i brought to the Swan Market in Rotterdam.
people can use the stamp to decorate the house and envelope as well.

New Year greeting card:
Last year(2010) was the year of Tiger(i was born on the year of tiger, 12 animals make a loop)
and i was 24 when making this stamp
Read more about the Year of Tiger stamp

 New Year greeting card:
2011 is the year of rabbit

after i bought a lamp in the antique market in Delft,
i love it so much, so i decided to make a stamp based on its shape.
Read more about the Small lamp stamp

Deeeeer stamp :) 
just like Bambie

-Old key- 
bought it in the antique market in Delft, 
which is my allll time favorite.
Read more about the Old key & Deer stamp

Xmas stamp :)

For Chinese new year!!!It's the year of Dragon
Wish you a "Good Year"

Rose and the glass cover, 
for Valentine's day

 I like Chair as an object a lot, 
dont really know why to be honest.
this was a bit snow-inspired creation.

something is protected/hidden in the little glass bottle.

have always liked the object -Chair/
and the bench was inspired by the bench in the park, the day after the first snow in London.

enjoy and hope you like it