-The button Stamp;Made of eraser:)-

and those two chines characters means BUTTON, of course, haha
 刻中文的鈕扣兩個字 刻到手軟 眼睛託窗

The inspiration comes from a movie actually, or a drama, 
from Japan maybe.
The little boy's father past away when he was still very young, 
the mother wants to make her son feel that papa is always with him,
mama decided to saw one button taken down from the shirts of papa onto every shirt that the son has, 
the last one, in every shirt he wear.

plus, plus, 
i think button is something very small, but with strong power,
playing an important role in our life,
we can never live without it.

those details which we often neglect in life are as important as the button,
that's why i made the illustration in a Button.
and i also believe, every button has its own story,
no matter what.

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