High school/高中

 This was how my desk looked like when i was in high school,
messy as always(if u've ever seen my desk in Space box now)

that was the study room,
where i shared with my the other two roommates.
we rented a place near our high school cuz our home town is too far away from it.
Many small object that i created during that time,
and things that i collected,
Super dear Mickey:)
B/W flower from Galoop, 
Tumblr with the image of Hohiyan, 
picture taken at the seashore of my hometown, i brought a sun flower and made it stand on the beach.
invitation card of my Graduation Art exhibition in junior high, 
my big big big cola mug, which was later broken.
encouraging motto from Allen Iverson{yes, i like him a lot}
and the show i wanna see from Ping-Fong performing group.

 my little space :)
with the poster of Architecture Camp
[yes, i was so sure that i wanna study architecture after i went to the Arch summer camp im NCKU, which is later the uni. i studied in.]
poster from my favorite band in Taiwan, Mayday,

big fabric sun flower-my favorite flower, 
and....lots of collection of course.

And i've realized what i like has been quite the same since i was young.
keeping all the things that meant a lot to me, 
visually inspirational object, 
sentences that people said which motivates me to keep moving on...
so on and so on, 
i haven't changed that much i realized.

If we're busy preparing for the big examination, 
that weekend we usually don't go home, we basically go home once a week,
only during the weekend.
then, that weekend,
our parents will come and visit us for a little while, 
just for a little while, 
bring us a Bento that mom made, [with my Oink Oink piggy spoon]
some fresh fruits,
allowance for next week.

i do miss that time,
what you rely on were the classmates at school and roommates at dorm.
a time that you're not that mature but somehow still trying to be more independent
'cuz u have to.

Knowing that how parents sacrificed for you, 
not only the extra money spent on the rent, but more importantly, 
the love, that they've made up their mind with determination, to let you go.
to let you grow up.


now it's like the extension of my high school life, 
of my uni life,
and i'm leaving from home further and further,

maybe it is indeed time to go home.

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