The ongoing daily life is just like the accumulation of experiment clips, 

it's a new try out everyday no matter it moves forward or falls down. 
Each clip is a piece of puzzle that builds up the view of life.

Every design in life is just like the tool in the experiment, 
transmitting the warmth and surprise from life. 
It doesn't really matter what results we have, 
because we've all gone through the one and only precious experience.


// Professional Experience //

2015-now     Co-Founder. 
                     Nomadic Atelier. Taipei, Taiwan

2012-now     Project Lead & Research Lead.
                     Pebbo Innovation Consultancy. Taipei, Taiwan

2012             Event & Marketing Intern.
                     Craft Central. London, United Kingdom

2011             Master Graduation Project on Retail Design.
                     Playsam AB, Sweden

2010             New Product Development Project.
                     Vanraam BV, Varsseveld, The Netherlands

2010             Sales & Marketing Intern.
                     Dreamhub Internationl Inc.(Nordic.com). Taipei, Taiwan

2009             New Concept Development Project.
                     TomTom International BV. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008             Design & Research Intern.
                     Hers Experimental Design Laboratory. Osaka, Japan

2007             Bicycle Design Intern. Fixed Gear design for European Market.
                     Giant Bicycle Inc. Taichung, Taiwan.

// Academic Background //

2009-2011     Master Strategic Product Design, 
                      Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

2005-2009     Bachelor Industrial Design,
                      National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan.

// Exhibition & Workshop //

2015              Nomadic Atelier at Taipei Free Art Fair. Taipei, Taiwan
2012              New Retail Symposium. Delft, The Netherlands
2011              ATHENS Program: Sustainable Toy. Madrid, Spain
2009              Workshop Design for Emotion. Delft, The Netherlands
2007              Joint Design Workshop with Panasonic. Tokyo, Japan