oh! i got a page on Facebook

thank you all for coming yesterday at the SWAN MARKT.
thank u very very much!

 i really had a great time there, and it was an unforgettable experience!
because some people asked me if i'm gonna make more ceramic houses,
some asked if i have a web-shop (what a surprise!),
and some said they'll share the image on their blog, 
so then I decided i'll give it a try and keep you all updated more frequently.
[well, it takes time to publish one new post, but a short update on Facebook is much quicker i suppose]
anyway, i'll try working on both, but not guaranteeing that I'll update very often since I'm working on my graduation project now, so i still have to put more stress on it!

so, i'll post more pictures taken yesterday and hope you enjoy the little happiness everyday!
oh! the Fans Page, i'm still figuring out how to make a small "like" badge/link box in this blog.
but so far you can find me by searching "ruru's laboratory"

oki, see u there on facebook then!

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