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NECTAR & PULSE kg is a young company from Austria, established out of a deep passion for inspiring people, a fascination for discovering hidden, authentic places and a desire to experience the world with all its different facets.
We focus on creating characterful, personalised travelguides from the insider recommendations of carefully selected, vibrant individuals based in cities around the globe. People call us urban nomads. We’ve lived in Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg, London, New York, Stockholm and Munich. On our journeys, it was always the locals themselves who proved to be the best guides. We realised, that in the end it’s the people who make a city: the freaky guy from the subway, the barista who pours the best espressos in town, the fashion-photographer who makes you laugh uncontrollably, the DJ’s who bring the club to dance, the Polish family who welcome you as if you were their own kids… Like pearls we have collected these people and their favourite spots and melded them together, with their original flair and colour to create a very personal guide.
Our LOCAL SOULMATES are what makes NECTAR & PULSE unique.
Let us take you on an intimate journey to their favourite neighbourhood deli or quaint vintage boutique. Dive into a vibrant art gallery, a hidden café, a delicious restaurant or a buzzing underground club.


this is not a typical travel guide,
it's a special way of traveling, 

What's your way of traveling?
now i feel like having a long trip alone.

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