Pull&Bear Photo Booth/Pull&Bear店裡的照相亭

Pull&Bear 西班牙品牌是愛店之一
在Oxford street上的那間最近新設了一台photo booth在店裡的二樓
there is a PHOTO BOOTH in Pull&Bear store on Oxford Street


i think it's quite a nice  idea, 
as it's like the retro photo booth, 
it's fast, people can just walk in and take a picture with four frames in a short while, 
and send it to your email immediately,
or you can also share it on Facebook or Twitter right away, 
it's a good way to be seen and promote the brand!

你可以把他分享在facebook or twitter or直接寄到自己的信箱裡
有照相亭 快速又有點古老的感覺

me and my friends also went in, hahaha
wanna make a few more!!!


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