Get a postcard from London!!/抽倫敦明信片!!

Get a postcard from London!
加上幸運的將在月底前往倫敦賣小物 決定要來弄個小小活動
將會抽十個人寄明信片給你  無論你在哪裡!!!
[註:這照片另一個頭家娘拍的 去年我們一塊去倫敦玩!!]

活動辦法長這樣:[請點右方ruru's laboratory的專頁 按下讚 之後 就可以分享到你的塗鴉牆]
1.分享這張圖到你的塗鴉牆上 並且寫下"我要倫敦明信片!"
2.在下面留言說你分享了 [一定要留言喔! 不然我會看不到你已經有分享了 因為facebook不會顯示全部的分享!]
4.活動日期:從今天起到2011.11.20 :)

To appreciate all the support from you guys for such a long time, 
plus luckily, i'm gonna join a pop-up shop in London in the end of the month....
so here's a small event!! 
i'm gonna randomly pick up 10 people who share this image on their wall 
and sent a postcard from London to YOU, no matter where you are!

this is how it goes:[first, plz LIKE "ruru's laboratory" page on Facebook, so that you can share on your wall]
1. Share this image on your wall and say"I want a postcard from London!"
2. Leave me a message below saying that you've shared it.
3. Thanks a lot for your sharing
4. Date: from now till Nov.20.2011 :)

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