what's inside the bottle?! / 瓶子裡面裝的是什麼?!

a bottle with a heart inside/

first of all, sorry that i didn't photoshop this image to make it better.
i dont have photoshop installed in my laptop now as an old friend of my dad had literally ruined my laptop,
my C drive has been wiped out and re-installed, 
now it's windows vista instead of XP, in english rather than chinese.
what's worse, lots of drivers are not installed completely,
so my laptop can't detect any wifi, even i'm in a cafe with wifi.
so i can only rely on my 1GB/month dongle=33mb/day, yes, i'm counting internet flow every single day.
And adobe software, which i'm heavily relying on, can't be successfully installed either,
i'm waiting for a good timing, to start the "30 days" trail time,
to begin editing my ZINE at full speed and full power.
how pathetic........
my life in London was ok before that happen, i just have limited access to the internet.
[which was fine, i can go to a cafe with wifi whenever i need to upload something like a blog post.]
now that i dont have any adobe software, i'm like a designer without hand....

ruru is here to bring something warm, not so many complaint.
life is tough enough, there's no need to spread more bad adventurous stories.

as i dont have proper internet connection and adobe.
i spend more time participating workshop and make some creation,
which was totally fine, but it would have been better if things i've done here can be shared on my blog,
anyway, i'm trying my best (as always).

so, here's the latest stamp i've made with eraser last night, very fresh. 
i designed this pattern in a stencil printing workshop i've joined in Feb in Homemade London.
I've drawn this that night and printed on the tote bag. love it!
so last night i took out my tool box and cutting mat,
here's the result.

a glass bottle, a cork, and a heart inside the bottle.
i've always liked glass bottle as an object.
be it a transparent one or a colored one like heineken.
a bottle that can keep something inside,
drinks, air, memory, smell, letter, sand, and etc,
it's a container that preserves ________ ,
[we leave this part to your imagination]

have a lovely weekend!

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