The animals on the magic wall

 okay, so here's the magic wall i've seen this morning when we were going to the cafe
"Tina we salute you", it's near the overground station: Dalston Kingsland

so, the following are the animals hidden in the wall!
they are just sooooo lovely!!!

The Horse [he/she looks so calm]

 The Birds, there are two in this picture, 
the lower one is a pigeon and the upper on is a bird with red head[i suppose]

 The Fox

 The Cat

The Rabbit

The Frog

The Pig,
it seems like the frog is talking to the pig, 
but the pig doesn't have a talking bubble......

 The Squirrel

And the Owl on the top

hope you enjoy the wall as much as I do.
hope you have a nice Saturday and a lovely Sunday ahead!

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